Mornings are rough for most people so let’s keep your morning yoga session sweet and simple. Here are 4 of the best yoga poses to get your morning started off in the right direction.


Before you start with any of the poses it is important to take the time to breathe and become present. Start by taking 5 long, deep breaths. You can take these breaths standing but it’s best if you take them while sitting comfortably.





Start this pose on your hands and knees. Take a second to align your hands so that they are underneath your shoulders and align your knees so that they are underneath your hips. On your next inhale allow your stomach to lower towards the floor while reaching your head and hips up towards the sky. This will create a nice and gentle arch in your back. On your exhale pull your tummy in towards your spine bringing your back up past neutral into a round. Your hips and head are now towards the ground.

Continue this back and forth motion as you breathe for five to ten breaths.



Child’s pose


Return to your neutral position on your hands and knees. Place the tops of your feet against the mat/floor and you may choose to slightly open your knees apart and bring your feet together. From either of those positions, lower your hips back so that you are eventually seated on your heels with your arms out in front of you and your chest resting towards the floor or your knees.

You may rest your forehead on the floor or rest your head with your face pointing to either side. For the morning you might want to do this as a relaxed position and really let your body melt towards the floor.



Forward fold


Start this one by standing upright with your feet hip distance apart and your hands resting by your side. Inhale your arms up towards the sky and lengthen in your back. As you exhale, fold forward at your hips keeping your back straight and your arms will come down to the floor or your shins. Once you have gone as far as you can with your back straight you can round your back and let your head be heavy towards the floor. You can stay here as little or as long as you like.

Take your time as you are coming out of this pose to make sure you do not get too lightheaded.



Tree Pose


This pose will get you feeling balanced and aligned for your day ahead!

Start by standing with your feet hip distance apart and your hands on your hips. Gently shift your weight into your left foot so that you can lift your right foot off of the floor. Lift your right foot up so that it is as high on your left inner left as possible. Your right knee should be turned out wards your right. The “ideal” pose will have the sole of your right foot resting against your inner left thigh.

Once you have your foot as high on your left leg as you can comfortably get it, lift your arms up towards the sky with your palms facing one another. Stay here for three or more breaths. To come out of this pose simply bring your hands and foot back down. Be sure to repeat on the other side as well!


These four poses are meant to create comfort, gentle spinal movement, and balance in a subtle and approachable way. Give these a try tomorrow morning or even right before bed.